What causes a car battery to die?

A battery is the soul of an car. If the battery is in perfect shape than your car is going to give you the best result. But what happens when your car battery dies, of course the car won’t be able to start again. There are number of reasons which causes the battery to die, some are obvious reasons while others are mere mistakes of the car owner or just the negligence.


Let’s look at the most common reasons for car batteries to die:

1.Leaving the lights on :- Nowadays most of the cars and trucks or any vehicle come with automatic light shutoff system but still this remains the most common cause of the batteries to die prematurely.

2.Using accessories :- If one is using many accessories like radio and other information devices while your car is on but engine is not running it could cause your batteries to die sooner. And using batteries power to use such accessories can cause problems while starting the car.

3.Faulty relay switch :- A relay is designed to complete the circuit, allowing the passage of electricity. But if there is some fault is your relay switch and it’s stuck in the on position, it will cause the electricity to flow continuously, which will further kill the batteries and the batteries will die sooner and it will also damage the part that is stuck with the relay.

4.Leaving the door open :- This is considered as the most common mistakes done by people. If the gate of car is left ajar, it will result in interior lights or lights of dashboard left on. If these lights are left of for extended amount of time, such as overnight, chance are really high that your battery won’t have any power and your car won’t get started.

5.Extremely hot or cold temperature :- While these conditions won’t effect a new battery but yes such conditions have really adverse effects of the old batteries and that results in batteries getting killed sooner. These conditions also magnify other underlying conditions.

6.End of battery's life cycle :- Any battery, no matter of which brand of they are, won’t last forever. In general a car battery have a life span of 5 or so years, so be sure if your battery is causing some problem to you, than might be there are chances that your car battery needs a change.

While, apart everything discussed above, one should always have regular battery check up, so that you never get stranded in the middle of your journey. One should have some basic tools to check there batteries by themselves so that you are pre informed about the condition of your batteries on your own. That will help you in keeping the track of the health and condition of your battery and that way you will have little chance to face sudden problem occurring due to battery failure.

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